From the precious and valuable Hokkaido thoroughbred placenta, we carefully extract undiluted solutions of horse placenta essence.
Fine particle beauty essence directly permeates the horny skin layer and gives it a clean feel, leading to smooth, glossy, and elastic skin.


For me, as my age increases, I am more anxious about my skin troubles and my age, especially the deterioration of my skin. Call them “age sign” or “crow’s feet”, I cannot improve them with ordinary skincare. There I found placenta essence, which can bring out human’s original self-resilience to its fullest extent.

The same placenta, the effectiveness to the skin and nutrients varies depending on whether it is pig-origin or horse-origin. In Ms. Anna’s Base Care Essence, 99.8% of placenta of high quality and safe thoroughbreds raised in the ranches in Hokkaido is condensed.

From our customers who use this essence, we have heard many happy reviews like “I look into the mirror more”, “I smile more”.Not only in Japan, but we would like to make the women in the world happy that, from now on we will go on selling Ms. Anna products as the vanguard of anti-aging care.



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