01About Placenta

Do you know what placenta is?It has been an herbal medicine, which can be traced back to the Ming Dynasty in China.It was named “Zi He Che” and was introduced as a Chinese medicine in the “Ben cao gang mu”, a Chinese book on medicines which was completed in 1578. In modern times it has been put to practical use in medical and beauty industry.

Other than 5 big nutrients which are necessary for the baby to grow in his/her mother’s stomach until birth, placenta contains nucleic acid, enzyme, mucopolysaccharide, amino acid, and active peptide (biological regulation factor) abundantly.

Women aiming for ageless skin regardless of age are talking about “Active peptide”. The abundant ingredients in the placenta work for skin cell turnover, which brings you vibrant and moist skin. The most beauty conscious celebrities from Hollywood love using this.

Why Horse Placenta

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