02Why Horse Placenta

Human placenta used as a medicine has great recovering effects in medical sites. However, due to ethical issues in Japan, it is prohibited to use for cosmetics and foods. Because of this, extract of pig placenta has been widely used as a substitute.

Pigs are classified into cloven-hoof, the same as sheep and cattle, which is thought to have high risks of catching mad cow disease and hoof-and-mouth disease. On the other hand, horses are odd-toed ungulates that they do not catch these kinds of diseases. Moreover, compare with the basal body temperature of pigs and cattle, horses’ body temperature is 5-6 degrees higher; they are less possible to be infected by parasites. From this perspective, since some years ago, horse placenta has been grabbing people’s attention.

Horse placenta is not only safe, but also rich in amino acids, contains 6 types of amino acids, which don’t exist in human or pig placenta.Also, it is thought to work on the changing renewable tissues and the damaged stable tissues, and facilitates the desquamation of dead cells to help to maintain moist and smooth skin.

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