03Choosing Ingredients Carefully

Aiming to maintain the safeness and high nutrients of Ms. Anna Base Care Essence, we use only excellent thoroughbreds, which are raised in the ranch in Hidaka Subprefecture, Hokkaido, Japan. There are many champion horses from the ranches in Hidaka Subprefecture, which won the Tenno Sho (Emperor’s Prizes). The meals, exercises and hygiene of the thoroughbreds are managed thoroughly and they are carefully taken care of, therefore many horses are raised to be strong at racing and physically fit there.

In addition, the system management is well kept. Pedigrees of the horses are published, and their history of births and growths can be checked.Excellent thoroughbreds like them, there is less fat in their placentas, which contain nutrient abundantly, we can extract high-quality placenta extracts from them.It is very rare in the cosmetics industry to use Japanese horse placentas of only thoroughbreds’ whose growth is thoroughly managed like this.

Moreover, there are many makers, which use packaging materials from other countries. Ms. Anna aims for safety and peace of mind of our customers that we are also careful about packaging. All bottles and boxes we use are domestic products, one by one carefully made by craftsmen in Japan.

Why Horse Placenta
Low Molecular Weight For High Penetration Power

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