04Low Molecular Weight
For High Penetration

No matter how excellent the ingredients are, if it cannot fully penetrate into the skin, you cannot experience the benefits. Since it combines with placenta extract, if the cell growth factor is weak, the action will not be shown as expected. There we lower the molecular weight by nanonizing the placenta extract (up to 1/10 Nano meter level *) Once you apply it on your skin, it will efficiently penetrate to every corner of the stratum corneum to condition and keep your skin look moist and lustrous. 
*1/10,000,000,000 of 1 meter

Because of this we have made it possible to eliminate big foreign substances like germs and viruses. In order to make the placenta which is made up of amino acids, reaching the deep parts of the stratum corneum of the skin speedily and correctly, we need to lower the molecular weight of it. Nicely and easily it penetrates into the skin, like melting with a smooth feeling.It conditions your skin to feel moist from within.

Choosing Ingredients Carefully

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