MS. ANNA Base Care Essence

Once applied, it spreads effortlessly on the skin and penetrates into the stratum corneum.
Applying it on to skin shortly after washing face, you will be enveloped in a moist feeling.
We suggest this product to those who have concerns of dry skin, and to those who want to
start anti-aging skincare.

MS. ANNABase Care Essence

Contains 99.8% horse placenta

Suggested Retail Price
JPY13,000 (excl. tax)
List of ingredients
Water, placenta (horse), phenoxyethanol
How to use
Wash face, then put a reasonable amount of the essence on the palm of the hand and lightly apply to the clean skin with a gentle patting motion. After this you can use your own cosmetic products as usual.
Ensure that there is no skin trouble before using. Discontinue use if skin reacts. Discontinue use if skin reacts. Continued use of the product may worsen symptoms. We recommend you seek advice from a dermatologist.
Keep out of reach of infants and young children.Store away from direct sunlight, extremely high or low temperatures.

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